Texas Distilled Spirits Association

Petition: Repeal the Two-Bottle Purchasing Limit at Texas Distilleries

Dear Representative,

As a citizen, I believe my right to legally purchase distilled spirits from a distillery is being infringed upon. Only allowing the purchase of 2 bottles per month per person is an arbitrary and ridiculous cap that is a disservice to Texans and others visiting our state who might wish to take home a keepsake.

Not only are these draconian laws preventing the growth of Texas agricultural processors, they prohibit the consumer from spending his or her dollars to support small Texas businesses, tourism, and state agriculture.

It is time to restore freedom to the Texas marketplace and remove these senseless handcuffs that have been imposed on small Texas distilleries who are making outstanding products.

This is my hard-earned money. The great state of Texas has no right to limit how much of it I choose to spend or where I spend it.

Please let me know your stance on removing barriers to success for Texas manufacturers and increasing purchasing rights for Texas citizens.


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